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Prevent Plant Basics From Statewide Ag Insurance
Ground Eligibility for Prevent Plant:
• Prevented Planting general to the area of the field
• Cause of loss must occur within insurance period
• Ground was physically available for planting
• Free of trees or other factors that prevent proper seedbed prep
• Not enrolled in CRP
• Not planted to a perennial crop
• Not insured under PRF
• Planted, insured and harvested/appraised in 1 of the last 4 crop years
o Fallow acres with a history for conservation practice are not eligible for prevent plant
o Emerging CRP acreage being broke out the initial year are not eligible for PP coverage
Prevent Plant Payment:
• Corn 55% of guarantee or 60% if you have the PF buyup
• All other crops 60% of guarantee or 65% if you have the PF buyup
• Premium is the same for prevented and planted acres
• Eligible acres based on the highest number of acres planted/payable prevent 2015-2018
o Planted insured and uninsured acres reduce maximum eligible acres for prevented
o Factor for 2019 added land by county
o Increased acres are prorated by crop
o Copy of lease agreement needed
o New county with no history in last 4 years
▪ Intended acreage report needed for eligible prevent plant acres
Prevent Plant Basics:
• Minimum prevented acres by crop - 20 acres or 20% of unit, whichever is less
• Payment calculated using the base price only
• Prevent Plant claim must be filed for the crop
• Rotation requirements for specific crops remain in effect for prevented acres
• Acres planted after late plant period can be insured at the prevent plant guarantee or request no coverage
• 2nd crop planted prior to the end of late plant period for PP crop, not eligible for PP payment
• Volunteer or cover crop on PP acres hayed or grazed prior to Nov. 1st, reduction in PP payment to 35% and 60% of approved yield for database assigned to acres
• Leaving PP acres “black” receives complete PP payment and aph not affected
• Cover crop hayed or grazed after November 1st, full PP indemnity paid and aph not affected
• Cutting cover crop acres for silage forfeits prevent plant indemnity
Please notify the agency of possible prevent plant acres
Statewide Ag Insurance is an equal opportunity provider
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