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Notes from Statewide Ag Insurance for the 2022 Crop Year

September 30th Sales Closing Deadline:

  • Add Wheat and/or Forage Production all counties
  • Cancel Forage Production if intending to carry PRF on alfalfa
  • Change levels/plans/options for wheat/forage
  • New/transfer policies
  • Name/entity change
    • New entities must have an AD1026 form filed at FSA to be eligible for crop insurance subsidy
    • Margin Protection

Harvest Reminders:

  • Notify the office of any possible losses
  • Report production as soon as harvest is complete for each crop

Silage Cutting Reminders:

  • Call before you cut. The agency must file a claim. An adjuster will be in contact with you after the claim notification
  • Leave strips as per adjuster instructions
  • Enterprise Unit Structure does not exempt you from appraisals on silage in loss situations

Enterprise Unit Change

  • Available for Dual season Wheat
  • Now can elect EU for Winter Wheat and a separate EU for Spring Wheat

Pasture, Rangeland, Forage “PRF”

  • Insures against precipitation falling below normal for specified grid area
  • Insures ground used for haying or grazing

Upcoming Deadline Reminders:

  • September 30th – Sales Closing and Cancellation Date
  • October 15th - Wheat Final Plant Date
  • October 16th – Forage Acreage and Underwriting Report Due
  • November 14th - Forage Production Reporting
  • November 15th – Wheat Production Reporting
  • November 15th – Wheat Acreage Reporting
  • November 30th – Wheat premium for 2021 must be paid or coverage on 2022 wheat terminates
  • December 1st – Pasture, Rangeland, Forage (PRF) sign up

    • November 30th premium due on spring crops or interest will attach. (This date is for 2021 only)

Statewide Ag Insurance


Statewide Ag Insurance is an equal opportunity provider/employer

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