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Notes from Statewide Ag Insurance for the 2021 Crop Year

Report Acres to Statewide Ag

  • When you have finished planting come see us to report acres
  • July 15th is the deadline to report acres. A reminder that claims cannot be closed until an acreage report is submitted to the company. This includes replants

Replant Qualifications and Payments

  • Notify us before you replant
  • Must replant to the same crop, in the same physical location
  • Must replant 20 acres or 20% of the unit
  • One replant payment a year per acreage
  • Payment based on specified number of bushels for crop or 20% of your guarantee (whichever is less) multiplied by base price for crop

Prevent Plant Basics

  • Prevent Plant Claims…Call Us
  • Minimum prevented acres by crop - 20 acres or 20% of unit, whichever is less
  • Payment calculated using the base price only
  • Prevent Plant claim must be filed for the crop
  • Prevented Planting must be general to the area of the field
  • Cause of loss must occur within insurance period
  • Ground was physically available for planting
  • Planted and harvested and insured in 1 of the last 4 crop years
  • Premium is the same for prevented and planted acres
  • Eligible acres based on the greatest number of acres planted/payable prevent 2017-2020

Crop Claims Process

  • Call before destroying any fields
  • Claims must be filed with the company
  • Acreage Reports must be completed

Additional Hail Coverage

  • Binding additional hail coverage is a phone call away. It is suggested to add coverage especially if you have enterprise unit structure on a crop. All we need to bind coverage is the crops you wish to insure and counties. If not insuring all fields of a crop in a county we will need legal descriptions.
  • Dollar amount of coverage and plan of insurance
  • Coverage in effect 2 hours after company receives notification
  • You do not have to be finished planting to add hail coverage
  • Green Snap and Wind Endorsement must be added by June 15th

Statewide Ag Insurance


Statewide Ag Insurance is an equal opportunity provider/employer

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